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For some people, South Africa is not a perfect place for staying during the holidays because lots of problem it faces. However, regardless of whatever problem happens, this lovely city offers wonderful sightseeing that everyone should not miss. People can go to shop, taste different traditional foods, and also experience great adventures that they will not have in other places. South Africa consists of many places and cities, but Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town are the three popular cities among others.

Not like Cape Town, Bloemfontein is a peaceful city that, perhaps, many visitors will not put it into their vacation's list. But, it does not mean that you will not have some things to do or see in this beautiful city. Still, it offers Botanical Gardens where you can see more than 100 different species of birds and 54 detach species of reptiles. You also have a choice to see other different types of animal at the Bloemfontein Zoo, a home for the first liger - lion and tiger. Bloemfontein gets its name from the Dutch words for fountain and flowers as it is also full of roses. So, there is still a reason to put Bloemfontein as your travel destination in South Africa.

If Bloemfontein known as the city of roses, then Pretoria known as the city where beautiful purple blossomed trees along the road. You can also found historical buildings in everywhere you go in Pretoria. Like Bloemfontein, Pretoria is a peaceful city where half of people do not put it into their vacation list. However, still there are several things you can do while spending your holidays in South Africa. If you are a diamond lover and want to see the mining directly, then you can go to the Cullinan Diamond Mine where also the largest diamond was ever found. Besides, the place provides public tour allowing the visitors to take a look the mining for an hourly basis. For the traveler who like doing sky-diving, this city is perfectly known for the largest sky-diving club in South Africa. Meanwhile, if you are interested to see some white rhinoceroses, then why do not you go to the nearby Premier Game Reserve? Well, as I said before, Pretoria still is a city where lots of fun can be gained.

If you are planning to travel to South Africa, do not forget to visit Cape Town, the only metropolis there, which is popular with the name 'The Mother City'. As it has lots of things tourist can do and see, Cape Town becomes a popular destination each year. Here, you can see the Table Mountain and also the landscape and panorama nearby Table Bay. Victoria and Albert Waterfront are the sites which is really popular among the tourists when they once travel to South Africa. It is because you can enjoy delicious seafood restaurants, designer clothing shops and spectacular boutique hotels to spend the days and nights during the holidays.

Cape Town has many tourism industries and that is why people choose to spend their holidays there. This is the place where everyone can see a combination between the unique cultural blend, historical buildings and breathtaking and exciting views. With lots of wonderful sightseeing, Cape Town is always a destination where abroad film crews take some scenes for their great movies. The annual film festivals also celebrated here where you can enjoy festivals, art, music and culture. There is always a choice to stay whether you want to use cheap backpackers or five-star boutique hotels.

When you want to travel to South Africa, then it would be better to prepare several things for the cold, wet, windy and hot as those four seasons can happen in one day. Cape Town is known for the best restaurants, so you do not need to be confused where you should got when you are hungry. Cape Town also gives a big chance for the tourists to do a trip through the Bo-Kaap where you can see romantic brightly colored homes along the street. Bo-Kaap is the place where you can find and see Malay culture and atmosphere.

South Africa has lots of landmarks if you want to travel there. You can see the Table Mountain, a popular destination every tourist must visit as it also has been a significance point of the city; the Twelve Apostles, Chapman's Peak or the Noordhoek farm village if you want to feel the fresher air and get a relaxed mood. So, are there any reasons why you should not travel to South Africa though it has lots of things to do?